Better than Julian’s Gingerbread Pancakes

A few weeks ago we went to brunch at Julian’s in Providence (with Liz). Mike got the gingerbread pancakes that came highly recommended from my friend Liz. I made him give me a bite. They were so good. I went home and immediately started looking for a recipe. I found one on (from the Blossoming Lotus restaurant) and printed it out. Mike made them for me this morning and I kept saying “good lord” over and over again. They tasted like gingerbread smothered in maple syrup and they were very light and fluffy. If I remember correctly, the ones at Julians are tasty, but not light and fluffy (they are more dense). I liked these a lot better.

Now, go print out this recipe and make these next weekend!

Vegan Gingerbread Pancakes

The picture doesn’t do them justice.

Note – for two people, I’d cut this recipe in half. It made about 16 pancakes.



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6 responses to “Better than Julian’s Gingerbread Pancakes

  1. Liz

    Yes ma'am!
    If they're as good as the Julian's pancakes (or better) I may indeed have to make them. I used to have an AMAZING gingerbread waffle recipe that I made in my wafflemaker. I drool remembering it.

    What are those pattie-things you're having with them? I miss Julian's seitan sausage patties.

  2. I meant to mention that! They are LightLife sausage patties (using the kind you buy in a tube).

  3. These look amazing! I will definitely have to try them – especially as we move into the fall season. (-:

  4. They are ok. I like the Trader Joes vegan sausage patties better.

  5. Liz

    Did I mention I made these? They were very good, but I still think I love Julian's more. 😀

    Oh, guess what? Soul Vegetarian Foods caters our school bookstore here. Yum!


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